If you’re looking to join the always growing, always rolling community of Vanleigh fifth-wheel owners, you’ve probably already started doing your own research. And if you’re doing research, you’ve probably come across the terms “full-time living” and “full-timers.”

We use the term full-timers to refer to our vibrant community of dedicated fifth-wheel owners. Those who’ve shrugged off the static comforts of their two-story suburban abodes, their picket fences, backyards, and community pools, and dedicated themselves fully to their lifelong dreams of living on the road, going wherever they want, whenever they want.

Each Vanleigh fifth-wheel is built with the full-timer in mind but doesn’t require a full-time commitment from buyers. Maybe you would rather not subject yourself to the rigors of life on the road just yet. Maybe you’d prefer to have a home base to come back to, a place to refresh, recharge, and refuel. If that sounds like what you want, we’re still going to stand behind you. Because even if you’re not ready to full-time, you’ll rest easy knowing that your Vanleigh fifth-wheel is more than capable of suiting that lifestyle. Once you’re ready, you can just hop on in and go.

We believe that the inexhaustible hunger for travel and exploration that many full-timers possess embodies the very spirit of our brand. That hunger for seeing and experiencing the world in all its natural beauty was just one of the drives that brought the Vanleigh brand into existence. Today it continues to drive us as we design models with more and more features that make full-time living easier and more attractive.

Wherever you choose to take your Vanleigh fifth-wheel, you’ll be equipped with a full slate of luxury amenities that will make the transition from living in the home to living in your camper seem effortless: extra-large windows, full-size refrigerators, spacious wardrobes, and king-sized beds. Once you get a feel for just how decked-out each Vanleigh unit is, you’ll realize that you’re not leaving your home behind. You’re taking it with you.

A Vanleigh RV means freedom. Take a trip to the mountains, and then head towards the coast to see family. When you feel the cold months start coming, become a snowbird and find yourself a warm, sunny beach and migrate there for a while. Or take up part-time work at a park and live out of your trusty trailer for a spell (something folks call “workamping”). It’s all in good fun. And shouldn’t that be a big part of our lives?