The Service & Warranty Department includes our Technical Support, Customer Service, Parts & Shipping, and Warranty. At its core, the Service & Warranty Department embraces a “Do the Right Thing” business approach. We make every effort to provide all of our customers with exceptional care and support. You have put your faith in our products; let our Experience improve Yours!

We have partnered with Tishomingo RV Service Center to provide outstanding service and warranty work for our customers. Located just minutes away from our plant, Tishomingo RV Service Center is ready to service your Vanleigh RV!

For customer and/or dealer support:
CONTACT:  Vanleigh Service Department  |  662.331.2933  |


To schedule an appointment for service, please contact Tishomingo RV Service Center directly:
CONTACT:  Tishomingo RV Service Center |  662.443.2183  |
1340 Highway 25
Tishomingo, MS 38873



Why are my batteries dead when the RV is coming out of storage?

The batteries are dead because the hydraulic pump asks to remain energized taking power from the batteries. Additionally, any appliance in the coach with an internal clock does the same thing. This can be alleviated by either disconnecting your batteries before departure OR tripping the 100A breaker on the left wall of the battery compartment.

What does my inverter do? What does my converter do?

The inverter uses power from the batteries and inverts DC to AC to power the refrigerator while towing. The inverter is normally located in the passthrough compartment mounted on the ceiling. The converter is what converts AC electricity to DC and charges the batteries while you are plugged into shore power. The converter is located in the bottom portion of the 110V breaker box.

How do I sanitize the freshwater tank?

The easiest way to sanitize the freshwater tank is by researching the size of your tank and either visiting your dealer or online store for an RV Sanitizer. You will find both tablets and liquid and can almost always be added to your inlet filter housing.

Can there be a hitch installed below the bumper?

Yes, there are tabs on the chassis for a bolt-on hitch that is available from Vanleigh. It will have a 2” receiver and has a tongue weight of 350LBS. Call for pricing.

Why are my lights so dim?

The main lights on the RV are on a dimmer card. You can press and hold the light buttons and the lights will dim and get brighter. If your lights are still dim, check your battery voltage as it may be low.

How do I get my satellite/Cable to work properly? The screen is all fuzzy.

Beside the TV in the cabinet next to the radio, there is a booster. Make sure you turn the booster off. The antenna booster runs interference with the Satellite/Cable signal.

How do I drain the freshwater tank?

Underneath your fifth-wheel and behind the rear axle, you will find 2 pipes coming out of the underbelly. One of the pipes will be the overflow for the freshwater tank and the other will have a valve on it. The one with the valve in it is your low point drain and will enable you to drain the freshwater from your RV.

My water heater has disappeared from the main control pad. Where did it go?

Go to the settings menu on your main touch panel. Select screen settings. Disable the screen power saver.

How many digits is my VIN?

The vehicle’s VIN number is 17 digits long and originates with the chassis manufacturer. There are multiple vehicle labels where the VIN can be found, most refer to the one on the driver’s side, outside the vehicle in the lower area beneath the windshield.

Does the Vanleigh offer training?

Yes! We have already launched our technical training programs to support our dealers. In the near future, we will also be offering our customers an Owner School with a personal touch.

Can I purchase direct from the factory?


Can I accept delivery of my coach at the factory?







See why ours stand the test. At Vanleigh RV, building a quality coach is our primary focus. Our warranty reflects our confidence in the construction of our unit. From the beginning phases of production we have pressurized water on our units. Throughout our production process we run systems checks on every component in the RV. Once your RV is completed it is taken outside to our onsite campground where it is hooked up to full services and put through an additional PDI inspection. We are proud to offer this accountability to our customers along with the following basic limited warranties:

  • 3 Year Construction Warranty: 3 Year Construction Warranty:
    The structure of the welded frame of the RV is warranted for 3 years (36 months)
  • 1 Year Base Limited Warranty:
    Your coach has a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for 12 months of ownership with no mileage or deductible limitations