Title of Immediate Supervisor

Group Leader

Main Function

Coordinate activities & resources of station cells (exterior/interior) for maximum productivity and efficiency. Members will train on essential job functions using the Vanleigh RV training method.

Skills Required

  • Good practical working skills in all forms of carpentry/cabinet building
  • The ability to work quickly and methodically
  • The ability to concentrate while doing repetitive tasks
  • The ability to follow instructions
  • The ability to read tape measure and/or blueprints
  • Operating in the production line that will feed into the next department. Time lines must be met hourly
  • Working with team members to complete hourly and daily task to include but not limited to lifting material, framing, plumbing, using several types of hand/power tools.
  • Perform other duties as needed and assigned in support of building RVs to completion based on station location.

Supervision of Others

No supervision duties. Give general work directions under supervision of production supervisor.

Knowledge/Experience Requirements

  • Good people skills
  • Communication skills
  • Good attendance
  • Good technical skills

Working Conditions

Working on and around construction of RVs. Element exposure to outside conditions.

Physical Demands

Lifting, climbing, bending, standing, walking, squatting.